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Welcome to Kubo Fruit Farm's web site.

Kubo Fruit Farm lies in beautiful outskirts of Okayama
After only 40-minute drive, enjoy picking grapes,
shiitake mushrooms, chestnuts, and the picturesque landscape.
Barbecue with family and friends makes your day perfect.

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Admission fees and Items


Items Admission fees
(tax  included)
Period Notice
Adult Kid
13year-old and over 3`12year-old

Grape harvest

Muscat of Alexandria \2,270 \1,360 From early in Sep to early in Nov You can eat as much as you want to.
Berry-A \1,360 \680 From late in Aug to middle of Oct
New Pione \1,700 \910 From late in Aug to early in Oct
Persimmon harvest \680 \450 CLOSED TODAY
Chestnut gathering \1,130 \340 CLOSED TODAY
Shiitake mushroom gathering \110 \60 CLOSED TODAY To back \150 for 100g
Sweet potato digging



 From early in Sep to late in Oct To back \500 for 1Kg



\1,470 over


* Free admission for children two or under.
* Opening hours are subject to change without notice.

Opening hours

10:00 - 18:00 (Entrance gate closed at 17:00)

Traffic Access Navigation

By JR train To Okayama Station, then about 30 min. on JR Tsuyama Line  to Kanagawa Station.
Then about 10 min on taxi.
By car 30minutes from Okayama Interchange of Sanyo Express way.
Then about 20 min on route 53 to Kanagawa town.
Then about 10 min on route 71 to Kubo Fruit Farm.

More information around Kubo Fruit Farm (open the Wikitravel)



2688 Shitori Mitsu Kita-ku Okayam-City Okayama  709-2136 Japan
 Inside Japan : tel 086-726-0511  fax:086-726-0577
Outside Japan : tel 81-86-726-0511
e-mail kubofarm@kubofarm.co.jp  (I accept your English e-mail.)

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